The Ultimate Goal For Every NBA Team: Part 2 (15 teams)

Miami Heat: Get another star

I love Jimmy Butler. I think he is a villain in the news and gets a lot of hate that he does not deserve. Fans hate on the fact that he tried to motivate Wiggins to get to the next level but Jimmy is just a dog, whose always working. Maybe he was right about Wiggins. Past the point. This team is young which is good but I still do not see potential in any of their young assets to become future all stars. It will definitely take another all star on this team to take them seriously. The only one I think has the potential is Tyler Herro, but he is just going to be a rookie this year and won’t be fully developed. If they could use some of their solid young guys as trade assets they may be able to get another star. This could help push them over the hump from being a boarder line playoff team to a solid mid-seed playoff team. I think they should try to make a trade for Bradley Beal and/or John Wall we’ll their asking prices are cheap because of injury. Some young guys they might use as trade bait are Justice Winslow(23), Derrick Jones Jr.(22), KZ Okpala(20). However, if possible I think that they should do their best to keep Tyler Herro(19) and Bam Adebayo(22). These are the two I think are the most valuable assets and have the highest potential on their team.

Miluawkee Bucks: Finals appearance

Giannis is, rightfully named, the Greek Freak. Giannis is a once in a generation type of player. Nobody questions Giannis’s ability to finish at the rim. He is one of the best as he finished with the highest field goal percentage in the paint. Earning his first MVP last season, Giannis led the Bucks to the best record in the NBA and he isn’t satisfied yet. Giannis has also made his goals clear. He wants to become a better “basketball player” this season. He said that last season he would go full force to the rim and that’s all. He wants to develop more as a shooter and a player. This is a great sign in a young player of his caliber because it shows that he only wants to get better. Giannis’s up coming free agency will for sure remain a topic throughout the rest of the season. Enough about Giannis. This team needs to win the East this season to prove that they are the real deal. They have had a tougher time in the playoffs as teams begin to key in on Giannis, and force him to shoot. Devising a game plan for when this happens in the playoffs is essential if they want to win. They gave Giannis a great perimeter shooter this offseason in Kyle Korver, but the impact of losing Malcom Brogdon will for sure hurt them defensively. This teams championship window could be one year or it can be many depending on what Giannis decides to do this upcoming summer. If he stays, the Bucks could be looking at a long tenure of contention.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Develop Youth

The Timberwolves have a pretty good foundation. They have a stud Center in Karl Anthony Towns-who is only 23-that was an All Star the last 2 seasons. Wiggins has been interesting. He has proven that he can score the basketball but that’s really all. He still struggles to become “that guy” in Minnesota like they had envisioned. You would think back to back rookie of the years who were back to back #1 overall picks would pan out a lot better for the Timberwolves. I think they should try to make a move for a point guard. If they can find a deal to trade for D’Angelo Russell from the Warriors this team could become a lot more competitive. I like the young piece they added in Jarret Culver. Culver is a lengthy wing that not only showed at Texas Tech what he can do with the ball in his hands, but he showed potential of being an elite defender. I think the future is bright for Minnesota but they will always remain one piece away because Wiggins does not look like the guy that they drafted him 1st overall to be. If this team continues to develop some decent young players, they could be a very good team in the future.

New Orleans Pelicans: establish roles

The Pelicans are one of the best, arguably the best young core in the league. They stacked up on draft assets this summer and I think hit on most of their draft picks. They acquired Lonzo Ball(21 yrs), Brandon Ingram(22) and Josh Hart(24) from the Lakers in the Anthony Davis deal. Lonzo is a great young facilitator and an intelligent basketball mind. He sees the floor differently than most young players. He makes it seem easy, when finding open players. Brandon Ingram is a gifted scorer and Josh Hart could become a nice bench piece. The rest of their assets they were able to scoop up in the draft. Obviously, with the #1 overall pick they took Zion Williamson(19) who will be a force in the league. With the #8 pick they took center Jaxson Hayes out of Texas who I think can be a solid rim runner and shot blocker for the Pels. Also, with the #17 pick, the Pels drafted Nickeil-Alexander-Walker(21) out of Virginia Tech who ironically, is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s cousin. This man went off in the summer league and has a very bright future. Add in a couple of nice signings like J.J. Redick and Derrick Favors and this could be a playoff team. I think the main goal is for everyone to find themselves in a comfortable role in order to succeed best as a team. This team has a lot of talent, but often teams with lots of talent and different young egos don’t succeed because they are all trying to be a star. If these young guys could find some good team chemistry they could be in for a fun season.

New York Knicks: Development

The Knicks this offseason were not able to sign the big name free agents that they wanted to. Many fans are disappointed in management or ownership. I think the Knicks have found their savior. R.J. Barrett is one of the best prospects in this draft, in some people’s eyes he is the best. The wing from Duke is crafty when he gets to his left and has the potential to be a long time star in this league. The Knicks need to give him opportunity to shoot. Make him your #1 option right now and let him grow into the league. It will take time for R.J. to develop. His percentages may not be pretty at first, but when he finds his way in this league he will be scary. The Knicks have other nice pieces as well. Mitchell Robinson is one of the best shot blockers in the league after only one season. He averaged 2.4 blocks in only 21 minutes a game. If given more minutes, and if he learns to avoid fouling often, Mitch can be a breakout candidate this season and a sleeper for DPOY. Other than these 2, Julius Randle was a solid signing and they have decent young bench pieces. I see Knox as a future bench scorer because I don’t think his game will fit alongside RJ unless RJ plays shooting guard(which is possible). Allonzo Trier A.K.A. Iso-Zo is one of the more fun players to watch on this team. He averaged a smooth 11 points per game last year on almost 40% from the 3. He is a solid young piece that I can see in the Knicks future. Mainly, the Knicks need to focus on developing their young guys so they can use their future assets to build off what they have. It will take time for this Knicks team to be good again, but as of now, I think they are on their way.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Let Shai Play

The Oklahoma City Thunder had an eventful offseason. They watched their core slip out of there fingertips due to the savagery of Damian Lillard. Paul George and Russell Westbrook were moved in deals that gave the Thunder their future. They were blessed to receive a plethora of first round picks. Many say Paul George was traded for a 7th grade Mr because the picks go as far as 2026. Paul George will be 36 then. OKC now has a crowded point guard position. They have Chris Paul, who although is still solid, is not in their future plans. Dennis Schroder was very good off the bench for the Thunder last year, however, at the age of 26, he probably is not in the future plans to team up with this 7th grader. Their last point guard is Shai Gilgious-Alexander. The 11th pick out of Kentucky last year is a 6’6 point guard with great playmaking ability and defensive potential. He averaged 10.8 pts and 3.3 ast in just his rookie season with the clippers. He played in all 82 games last year and shot almost 37% from three. On defense, the night was always tough for his opponents. He averaged 1.2 steals and 0.5 blocks per game as a point guard. I think the Thunder would be making a huge mistake if they didn’t give this guy big minutes next year. He needs the opportunity to thrive but may be denied it because of the team he is on. Hopefully the Thunder find a trade partner for Chris Paul and can LET SHAI PLAY!!

Orlando Magic: Improve

The magic showed some promise last season. First time all star, Nikola Vucevic showed the league what he’s all about. The Magic were able to resign him this offseason, helping them keep their main core around. I think that their starting 5 is filled with potential. Vucevic is 28 and he will only improve. Johnathan Issac was the 6th Pick in the 2017 draft. He’s lengthy and plays good defense. Many want him to make an MIP jump this season. Markelle Fultz was the 1st overall in the 2018 draft, and I fully expect him to live up to that hype. Fultz is a great basketball player who has been dealing with some injury issues that has left many NBA fans concerned that he won’t get back to the level he was in college. However, this kid is special. He’s not like everyone else. Fultz worked hard to get where he was his entire life and was a stud at Washington for a reason. Terrence Ross is always a solid option off the bench and the addition of Al-Farouq Aminu will provide defense and a little bit of shooting. I expect a big jump from Aaron Gordon this season as well. I think this team can be better than they were last year. They made additions and gained experience after last years playoffs. This team may be able to reach at most the 6 seed.

Philadelphia 76ers: Finals Run

If this team does not win the finals this year it is not the end of the world. They have lots of youth in Joel Embid(25), Ben Simmons(23) and even Tobias Harris(27) is still young. Al Horford was a great add this offseason. Although he will start at the PF spot, Horford can play the 5 for Embid’s load management games. Embid has had trouble staying healthy and playing a full season in the beginning of his career. Embid now won’t have to play as many games during the regular season, and can focus on his health. Ben Simmons needs to at least take 3s. He is a great young player, with great defense, rebounding and playmaking ability. The one thing he misses most from his game is an outside shot. Many think if he can develop one, he is a future MVP. Matisse Thybulle is a great young player from Washington that I really enjoyed watching at the college level. He averaged 3 steals and 2 blocks a game that will only add great defense to the sixers already stacked defensive lineup. The main problem for this team is not having an established closer. The closer is the player on your team, that you are most confident in to get a bucket in a half court set. This is important because as the game slows down and the 4th quarter heats up, players like Ben Simmons and Joel Embid tend to be non factors. Every great team has a closer, and for this team to succeed, Tobias Harris will have to play the closing role that Jimmy Butler played last season. Tobias, however, has yet to establish himself as a true closer. Guys like Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler are examples of bonafide closers, they have proven their ability to knock down clutch shots for their team at the end of the game. This sixers team is missing that and every great team needs one.

Phoenix Suns: Develop More (I guess)

The good news about the Suns is that they are very young. Devin Booker is one of my favorite young talents in this league. He is a walking bucket such that he averaged 26.6 ppg last year to go along with a career high 6.8 ast. He is only 22 but he is a future stud in this league. Deandre Ayton was their number 1 overall pick last year and had a very good rookie season. I think that he needs to be a more aggressive scorer and also improve his defense. The pick and roll with Devin Booker-or newly acquired point guard Ricky Rubio- and Deandre Ayton can be a weapon for this team. Now the reason I said the goal was to: Develop More (I guess) was because this team will probably not compete with the stacked western conference. This team made solid moves this offseason. I really like their young point guard Jevon Carter because he is a really great defender. They acquired Cam Johnson an NCAA veteran from UNC that is one of the best shooters in the draft. There were many other moves this team made this offseason that were solid but the realistic goal for this season is just to keep developing. Devin Booker has come out and said he’s “done missing the playoffs,” and his teammates need to step up and help him out. For this season however, with the youth and a loaded Western Conference, I don’t think that this is their year to make the playoffs.

Portland Trail Blazers: One more piece

The Trail Blazers have consistently been a solid team in the NBA over the past few years. This team did almost everything they could have this offseason. I do think they are contenders to win, but I think they should make a move. That move is to go out and get Kevin Love. I would assume the Cavs would want young players or pick so you may have to include a Anfernee Simoms and maybe a pick or two. Working out the contracts would be hard, but if they can work out a deal than they would have a solid starting 5. The draft was a success this year as the raw talent in Nassir Little fell to them. He is known for his grit and his defensive play at UNC and has promising athleticism to hopefully develop an offensive game. I don’t think there is much to say about this team because they remained mostly the same. I love Dame Lillard, and I would love to see this Finals run occur.

Sacramento Kings: Develop More

The Kings are another team that are a boarder line playoff team but it is hard to believe that they could make it in the West. Similar to the Suns, this team is very young. They have one of my favorite young point guards in the league in De’Aaron Fox. Fox was an MIP candidate last year in just his second season. Swipa, they call him for his blazing speed, also has great scoring and defensive ability. Paired up with one of the most dynamic college players of the last decade in Buddy Hield, and you have a fun line up. These are 2 great young pieces, however they are not their only ones. Harry Giles was a stud in high school, I would love to see him bring some of that to the NBA. Kyle Guy was a fun pick from the former national champions, The University of Virginia Cavaliers and Marvin Bagley III looks to be a great big fit for the future. This teams future looks bright and the core looks strong, however in the stacked western conference I do not think that this is the year that they will compete for a playoff spot.

San Antonio Spurs: Playoffs

The spurs are a very interesting team. I love the way that the spurs front office continues to put a great team on the floor every night. For the past 22 years, the Spurs gave their fans at least one playoff series every year. They are one of the most successful franchises of all time. Lead by head coach Greg Popovich, this squad manages to find a playoff spot every year. DeMar Derozan and LaMarcus Aldridge are 2 very good all-star caliber players that they have on their roster. They are complemented by multiple solid role players from recent drafts. Even with their later picks in the draft, the Spurs are always able to cash in on a great player. Some of their young late round picks in the past couple of years include Derrick White and Dejounte Murray (who I’m really excited to watch play after missing all of last season with an ACL). Lonnie Walker IV is another young player that we were not able to see a lot of last year and I would hope to see a full season out of him. This years draft pick in Luke Samanic I think will be very good for them in the long run. He is a big man that can shoot. Who can’t use one of those? If you want to read more up on the spurs and how they use their late picks in the draft to rebuild, read my article on them on the “free write” page. I look forward to hopefully another playoff season by this team team, but it may be hard in the stacked western conference.

Toronto Raptors: Playoffs

Last season, was a wild run for the raptors. They not only made the move to go out and get Kawhi, but they made many more underrated moves that ultimately lead them to winning their first NBA Finals in franchise history. This season, losing Kawhi takes them out of contention. However, this team does still have the pieces to be a solid playoff team, and because of their experience, maybe they can steal a series. They do still have some solid young players to look forward to in the future. This years Most Improved Player, Pascal Siakim(25), could end up being a first time all-star this year. One guy that flys under the radar a lot is OG Anunoby. The forward out Indiana missed the entire playoffs last year due to injury but he could be the “glue guy” for the future that the raps need. He has great defensive potential and hopefully can develop and offensive game as well. Fred Vanvleet(25), the sharpshooting point guard looks like a pretty good option for the future. Even though he stands at just 6ft tall, he proved to the league he can hang with the best on defense as he played tough defense on Steph Curry and other point guards throughout the entire playoffs. He also proved his ability to hit a big shot. In game 6 of the NBA Finals, he stepped back for a 3 with just under 4 minutes left and the game tied. This was one of the more momentous shots in the game and helped the Raptors become World Champs. Seeing this team without Kawhi is upsetting, but seeing promise in young guys could help for the future.

Utah Jazz: Western Conference Finals

This is a tall task for this Jazz team, but I truly believe with the improvements they made this offseason, that it is possible. Going to the Western Conference means you will probably have to beat at least the Lakers or the Clippers to get there. If the Jazz were to beat one of those teams before the WCF, I think it would be a long gritty series. It would be hard for them to recover for their next series, which would probably be against the other LA team. Donovan Mitchell is a special player, that I personally love because he is similar to me because his first love was baseball. His dad was a professional baseball player so he knows what it takes to be good at a high level. He is viscous at the rim, finishing over defenders sometimes almost a foot taller than him. Put him alongside 2x Defensive Player of the year Rudy Gobert, Mike Conley and Joe Ingles and you will probably have a top 5 defense in the league. I think the signing of Bojan Bogdanovic was very underrated. He averaged 18 a game last year, and shot almost 43% from 3. It will be either him or Joe Ingles who plays the PF, but they will be interchangeable. The added shooting to this team will only help. The main problem I see for this team is their bench. This is one of the best built starting 5s in the league, however, a bench is essential in making a playoff run. Signing Emmanuel Mudiay was also a little underrated too. He can come in a provide some nice bench scoring. Other than that, this bench needs to emerge as a serviceable NBA bench and prove that they can hold their own, before I can call the Jazz a legitimate contender.

Washington Wizards: Reset

In my opinion, The Wizards need a reset. They have failed to pair up John Wall with the pieces to make a deep playoff run, every since they drafted him first overall back in 2010. He showed great scoring, defensive and playmaking ability to go along with his leadership. This is everything you look for in a point guard. Now, he has suffered a terrible Achilles injury, and will miss the majority, if not the entire season. The good news is, they have great trade assets. Bradley Beal and John Wall are both names that have been tossed around the trade market the last couple of years, because this team has remained a boarder line playoff team every year. Now, with the NBA at its peak due to the competitiveness of more teams this season, contention is not in the near future. Rui Hachimura will be a great start to their rebuild. The 9th overall pick this year, showed great potential at Gonzaga. He averaged just under 20 pts and almost 7 rebounds while shooting 42% from 3. Have you noticed the common theme about what I like in player? They can shoot and play defense. The NBA is becoming a 3 point league. Some teams even live and die by it like the Rockets. But it’s becoming essential on every team. For this Wizards team, I think it’s time to throw in the towel and try to get rid of John Wall’s crazy contract, and just start over.

This was the second half of the NBA. I hope you enjoyed and if you have any feedback or just want to discuss let me know in the comments.

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  1. Victor. I agree about Jimmy Buckets, but he was starting trouble in Philly. Sixers getting Josh Richardson for him made them very long with the addition of Horfird they are going to be tought to deal with. Ben only needs a 10 ft jumper and he could be a MVP candidate. Nobody will be able to match the 1 -2 game with LBJ at the point. I enjoy your blog!!! Good Luck Ray

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