Thank You Kobe Bean Bryant

After hearing the news, I could not write this immediately without flicking myself thousands of times trying to wake up from this nightmare. As a young basketball fan, I wasn’t able to witness the young number 8 “Frobe” but I was able to watch his last 8 years of greatness. The earliest I can remember watching the NBA was in 2008-the rookie year of Derrick Rose- and it was when Kobe was at his individual peak. Out of the first 3 NBA Finals that I can remember watching, Kobe took home 2 of them and in historic fashion. I’m not going to claim myself as the biggest Kobe Bryant fan but he is certainly a player I loved watching, who left his mark on basketball forever. Instead, I will talk about what his legacy meant to me and what I have learned from him. Kobe brought a different attitude. He was a take no prisoners type of guy. He was gonna win, and he was gonna win at all costs. He never backed down from a challenge. Even after winning 3 titles with Shaq, he wasn’t satisfied. Everyone remembers the famous Kobe picture that I have posted up there of him sitting in the corner of the locker room looking upset after just winning the NBA Finals. Many thought this was Kobe upset not winning Finals MVP, but I see it as a young 20 year old Kobe Bryant, trying time find himself, just like any other 20 year old. Many young players are not immediately put in a position to win and the fact that Kobe was able to mature his game at such a young age says a lot about his work ethic. Another thing I took away from Kobe, is to embrace all of the critics and use it as fuel. After looking back at some draft day reports, many said he played a similar game to Michael Jordan (which we all know is true) but didn’t have the efficiency or ability to do it at the next level. He was labeled as a “project prospect” with high ceiling but also a very low floor making him a high risk high reward pick straight out of high school. Luckily the Hornets took a chance on him at #13 but the Lakers took an even bigger chance by trading for him at that pick. There may not be a player for the next 50 years that can be a near clone to Michael Jordan and embrace it like Kobe did. Many would fall under the pressure or would get lost up in the hype, but not Kobe. He was the bean. He embraced the challenge of trying to become MJ. On draft day in 1996 there was not one person in that room who believed he could do it but I guarantee you that Kobe did, because he had that type of confidence. He believed in his own ability and set his own path to greatness. He truly was an inspiration for multiple generations of NBA fans. The main things I’ve learned from Kobe were to #1 Win at all costs, #2 embrace every challenge you are faced with and #3 believe in your own ability. Thank you Kobe Bean Bryant for the lifelong memories and lessons you have taught me and the rest of the NBA community. You are truly a legend and legends never die. RIP to Gianna Bryant as well and everyone else on the helicopter. Your legacy will live on forever. “Mamba never out”

4 thoughts on “Thank You Kobe Bean Bryant

  1. Hi Victor, I enjoyed your comments on Kobe. I watched him his whole career, and he remade his image in a positive way. Nice writing too.


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