Clippers vs Nuggets WC-Semis Preview

Clippers vs. Nuggets final score: Kawhi Leonard continues rounding into  playoff form in 124-111 win - Clips Nation

Both of these teams faced tough matchups in round 1. The Nuggets took down the Jazz in a wild 7 game series and Kawhi and the Clips went into a duel with Luka and the Mavs in an eventful 6 game campaign. I think the fact that both these teams have a long tough series under their belts is really going to help them in their respective runs to come. It gives them momentum and confidence as they move on. Kawhi has been playing extremely well in the playoffs and Paul George has shown glimpses of his usual self. He needs to step up even more in this series. Offensively and defensively. The Nuggets main problem has been their defense which I have been preaching. The Clippers offense will come every night but their defense is not a guarantee. They have extremely talented defensive players and are great, but sometimes they have uncharacteristic nights where they are not in sink defensively as a team. The Nuggets need to take advantage of those nights if they want a chance at all. On top of that, they have to play great defense to stop the Clippers automatic offense. It is very hard to see the Nuggets win this series but if Jamal Murray and Jokic can keep coming up big in close games they are not ruled out by any means. Michael porter Jr. needs to have a great series and so does Gary Harris who just returned from injury. Him and Torey Craig will be key guys in trying to stop the Clippers offense. The odds are for sure stacked against the Nuggets, but if they keep playing great basketball in the 4th quarter then they can be a scary team. But the Clippers have the experience and more talented roster on their side.

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