Miami Heat Vs Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals Preview

NBA Finals preview: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat

In the west, we have what was expected. Although we did not get the matchup of the LA teams that we wanted, we still ended up with an LA team in the conference finals as expected. The Lakers came out of the west and unexpected by many, the Heat come out of the east. Many did not expect the Heat to come out of the east but I can’t say I am very surprised. The Heat are a well coached defensive team who have shooters that are hot at the right time on offense. The Heat need to remain hot. They need to continue to play how they have been playing. They play aggressive and “up into you” and if the Heat can control the foul trouble game it will be to their strong advantage. Bam needs to stay out of foul trouble because he is going to be a strong catalyst in guarding AD and Lebron. If Miami can get the foul calls and continue to hit their outside shots they can make it into a very good series. Herro and Robinson need to stay hot and Dragic is also still cooking. Jimmy Butler will keep doing his thing and Jae Crowder and Iggy needs to hit their shots. They do have a fighting chance because how good they are at shooting and defense, but they need to avoid fouling so they can play loose to the best of their ability. The Lakers have the same key as usual. Role players knock down shots. AD and Lebron need to be aggressive in getting themselves to the rim and draw fouls early. The more they settle for outside shots the worst position they put themselves in. When Lebron and AD are their best when they got it going in the paint and that makes it easier for their shooters and opens the game more for them. In my opinion, this would be a disappointment for the Lakers if they lose. They are heavily favored and are clearly the better team. But I would not count out the heat at all. They are resilient and always have fight in them. Spolestra is a great coach and it can be a lot of fun to watch them succeed. Jimmy is a great leader and always keeps their minds on straight in order to give them a chance. I look forward to watching the series and I hope the Heat can make it very interesting like I know they can.

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