Chris Paul Traded to the Phoenix Suns

Evaluating the fit between Chris Paul and Devin Booker with the Phoenix Suns  - Bright Side Of The Sun

The Phoenix Suns acquired Chris Paul from the Oklahoma City Thunder to create a lethal backcourt for their team. Devin Booker elevated his game even more last year when he was given Ricky Rubio-an elite playmaker- and still showed that he can keep his assists totals up around 6.5 a game. This is not a far drop off at all in the season prior without Rubio when he averaged 6.8. The Suns got extremely hot in the bubble (going 8-0) and adding Chris Paul is only going to elevate them more. He was the league leader in clutch points last year and add that with Devin Booker’s closing ability showcased in the bubble, they are going to win a lot of close games. Chris Paul is also a very good defender at the point guard position which will certainly help. Although he is getting up there in age and making a lot of money, the Suns are not going to sign a big name free agent or anything so this is a good deal especially with Devin Booker rumors. Similar to what I think Milwaukee should have done with the Giannis rumors. Plus Chris Paul’s leadership, basketball IQ and the way he carries himself, is a big reason for his large impact on winning basketball that often goes unnoticed. That cannot be taught.

The Thunder get back a haul though as well from the Suns. They received Ricky Rubio who is a very good trade asset as well as Kelly Oubre Jr. He can be young enough to possibly stay though. Ty Jerome and Jalen Lecque could be very good pieces for the Thunder’s future. They now have an unbelievable amount of draft capital by adding another first rounder in 2022. They are set for the future and still have more to give. Overall the deal was good on both sides. The question for the Suns is was it worth it to give up this much if this does not get you a championship? Does this make Devin Booker stay? Only time will tell.

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